Unser Tagungsraum

Events & Meetings


12.4 meters x 5.7 meters, approx. 70 m²

The „Temple“ is Romantik Hotels Stern's most solemn room, having been used in earlier days by the Freemason's Lodge. Stars shining down from a dark blue vault make it a stylish environment for conferences, congregations and gatherings.

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15.8 meters x 5 meters, approx. 79 m²

A Miniballroom with a bright and traditional décor offers space for 100 Persons.


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J. G. von Salis Stube

8.50 meters x 4.80 meters, approx. 40m²

This room is named after the famous Autor J.G. von Salis (1762-1834) the room is richly decoratet with wood from the nearby forests and chandeliers.

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5.7 meters x 4.4 meters, approx. 25m²

This rooms features ancient tools and exhibits all around horses
and carriages and is an ideal venue for up to 20 Persons.

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Wiii Egga

5 meters x 8 meters, approx. 40 m²

Our Wiii Egga (Wine Corner) is typical for the wineregion we of which Chur is part of. With its large glass front to the court yard very inviting indeed. At the entrance one will find a very ancient winepress from 1886 as well as many exibits around wine and winemaking. The room is ideal for Cocktail Parties, Swiss Chees Fondue Evenings up to 30 Persons or a gathering with friends and family.

Alois Carigiet Stube

Original paintings from the well-known local artist Alois Cargiet are displayed in this cozy sitting room, an oasis for art lovers and a place to dream away in front of the fireplace. 

This room is particularly suited for cocktail receptions or a coffee break during seminars.

Churer Stübli

A historic retreat for a dinner with family and close friends (up to 11 persons).


Ideal hall for formal occasions, such as award ceremonies, delegates’ meetings and conferences. The foyer a is suitable for welcoming addresses, cocktails and drinks receptions.

Rental fee:
Available on request, contact via Romantik Hotel Stern or Hochbauamt des Kanton Graubündens (the Construction Department of the Canton of Graubünden)

GKB Auditorium

Suitable for presentations, seminars and formal evening events  -  Stage (56m² in size, 40cm high)

Rental fee:
Available on request, contact via Romantik Hotel Stern or Graubündner Kantonalbank (Cantonal Bank of Graubünden)

Professional meeting facility with beamer (single/double projection) and overhead projector. As well as video/audio tower and microphones.

Wine-growing museum Chur

Attractive historic winepress house, highly suitable for a social function, such as lunch or a wedding reception in the afternoon.

Rental fee:
Available on request, contact via Romantik Hotel Stern or Chur Town Council, Liegenschaftsverwaltung (Property Management Department)