Banquet and Seminars

One of Romantik Hotel Stern's major advantages are its extensive catering and conference facilities. Restaurant „Buendnerstube“ can be divided into several smaller sections (called „Stuben“, a cosy word in Swiss for a smaller room) like Arvenstube, Regulastube and Churerstube, all of which are furnished in traditional Swiss style.

Do you know that Stern also for the organization and perfect the completion of family causes a good address is? Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, a wedding or a baptism in gediegener way in Stern are you for it at the correct place the premises, in which 10 to 60 persons comfortably has place, is available for such causes and a proven kitchen brigade, for which it makes joy, to spoil it and your guests culinarily.

Specialists advise you gladly with the selection of the meals and beverages and give themselves all trouble, in order to be helpful you when planning of such a cause. Require in this connection documents or agree upon you a noncommittal consulting discussion. Stern is always for you there!
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